Perks we offer to our ambassadors:

-Win FREE hair - yes you heard us right!

- Receive up to a hugeee 40% off! Exclusive discounts - for ambassadors only

-Earn money via your own personalised promotion code

-Build your influencer presence and portfolio by joining our brand

-Get featured on our social media page @xihair_official

Our terms and conditions

 Once you have signed up as an ambassador with XI HAIR the following terms and conditions will apply:

1. Any promotion of our products and company must be made in a  positive way and can not reflect badly on our products and/or company.

2. As an ambassador we ask that you be active in promoting our products, this will in turn mean more commission earned for yourself too!

3. We ask that you tag us on instagram in any promotional posts that you create: @xihair_official

4.All ambassadors need to sign up to our ambassador portal to keep track of their earnings and payouts. If you have not received a link for this please email us at

5.We ask that high quality photos be taken by you if possible! The better the quality the more people will be inclined to purchase using your promotional code!

6. If we request for you to remove a post or comment you have made about our products, you must do this immediately.

7. Signing up as an ambassador will mean you have given us permission to use your photos and likeness on social media and/or our website. If you would like us to remove a photo please send your request to

8.Any affiliate payments can be paused or withdrawn at any time if XI HAIR has reason to do so. 

9. XI HAIR may decrease or increase the affiliate commission percentage at anytime. 

10.We ask that any exclusive ambassador codes we share with you are not distributed to anyone else.

11. When you submit your ambassador form you will be agreeing to sign up for exclusive offers, updates, news and abandoned carts messages via text and/or email.